No, this isn't me.
By some strange twist of fate, I bear the same name as this guy, but there are differences. For instance, I wear glasses and this Marcus doesn't. He's a pretty good bass player, tho.

(right....and Mt. Everest is kind of a big rock, too)

This would be me, hiding behind- what else? A bass. I do that a lot, but this time, I'm just frightened by the character at the left, and what he's able to do.

(And, more importantly, what I can't do.)

My name is Marc Miller, and I am a bass player. (this is the part where all the fellow addicts say, "Hi, Marc"....) I live in the Seattle, Washington area of the U.S. with my wife of 31 years, Debi. We have 2 kids- Ian (29) and Sarah (24), and a cat, Dusty (15). By day, I spend my time working as the manager of application development for an independent review board based in downtown Seattle, but in the evenings and weekends, I shed my propeller-beanie and become a free-lance musician and record producer. (I prefer the term "warrior-poet"...) My musical specialties lie mainly in jazz and pop, but I'll play just about anything I can get my hands on. Or pays. Or both.

When I'm not doing music and I have some spare time (which is quite rare) I like to spend time reading historical narratives (I am a WWII nut). books on technologies (mainly web development) and about all things spiritual.